About Naor Zion

Naor Zion, script-writer, director and comedian

Naor Zion began his career at the age of 18, when he began appearing in the prestigious stand-up comedy marathon of the ‘Beit Lessin’ theater.

Two years later, when he was just 20 years old and still serving mandatory service as a soldier, Zion began appearing in a one-man stand-up comedy show, performing in large halls to the general public, where he was meticulous about combining special video skits in the show, using a technique that showed him bursting from the screen into the hall.

The show enjoyed a meteoric success.
At the same time Naor also began writing and directing unique comedy specials for various prime-time channels.

In 1997 he performed in his second show, which ran intensively for three years and broke impressive records in the Israeli open box-office markets.

In 2001 Naor wrote his third stand-up show, “The Naor Zion Show”, which continues to run successfully to this day.
In parallel with stand-up shows, Naor continued to write and direct television series and specials.

In 2005 he created the comedy series “Naor’s Friends”, describing a few single friends in their thirties on the background of the Tel Aviv scene. Naor wrote the entire show, directed it and starred in it as himself. “Naor’s Friends” ran for 3 seasons and generated a lot of popularity and sympathy. It became the most successful series in the history of Israel’s Channel Ten.

In 2011 Naor joined ‘Reshet’, a concessionaire of Israel’s Channel Two. ‘Reshet’ is scheduled to air his new series, “Honey Badgers”, a girl’s series telling the tale of four young women who leave the periphery, change their names and style of speech and fit into key positions in the financial market.

The series is based on episodes from the second and third seasons of “Naor’s Friends”, describing the doings of Chantal Suissa (starring Anat Magen-Shabo). The ‘spin’ episode of “Honey Badgers”, in which Anya Bukstein and Rotem Zisman also starred, was also the most successful episode of “Naor’s Friends” third season, from a ratings point of view.

This coming June begins the filming of the 16 episodes of the first season of “Honey Badgers”, which will be the first series that Naor wrote and will direct for ‘Reshet’ on Israel’s Channel Two.


1990-1993: appearances in “Beit Lessin” theater’s prestigious stand-up comedy marathon, “The Upper Basement”.

1993-1996: “The World According to Naor Zion’s Stand Up Show” (writing and directing).

1997-2000: “Naor Zion’s New Show” (writing and directing).

2001-2012: “The Naor Zion Show” (writing and directing).


1994: “Naflu al Harosh” (Fell on their heads), a comic series shown on ‘Keshet’, a concessionaire of Israel’s Channel Two (wrote and acted)

1995: “Crazy Night” special for ‘TelAd’, a concessionaire of Israel’s Channel Two (wrote, directed and acted)

1995: “Super Bébert”, a comedy mini-series for ‘TelAd’, on Israel’s Channel Two (wrote, directed and acted)

1995: Five nature films on Israeli Society (wrote and directed)

1996: “Naor Zion” special for ‘TelAd’, on Israel’s Channel Two (wrote, directed and acted)

1998: Two gala specials for ‘Keshet’, a concessionaire of Israel’s Channel Two (wrote, directed and acted)

1999: “Let’s Laugh About It” special for ‘TelAd’, on Israel’s Channel Two (wrote, directed and acted)

2000: Documentary film, “The Fans”, in two parts (wrote and directed)

2003: Award winning animation film (first place in the Haifa film festival), “The other side of the story” (screen-play)

2003: Festive Purim holiday special for Israel’s Channel Ten (wrote, directed and acted)

2006-2010: the series “Naor’s Friends” (3 seasons, 41 episodes) on Israel’s Channel Ten (wrote, directed and acted)

2011: Wrote the new series “Honey Badgers” for ‘Reshet’ on Israel’s Channel Two, which he is currently beginning to direct
2013- worte and direct 12 episodes of “honey badgers” for channel 2 israel

2014- worte and direct – eat and run- brazil and spain

2015- in this days shooting eat and run tokyo, new york , tel aviv,london ,jerosalem

and writing anew season of naors “friends” for channel 10