Naors Friends honey badgers

The most successful comedy drama ever produced by Israel’s Channel Ten, tells the story of Naor and his friends and their never-ending chase to find true love in Tel Aviv, all this while they find themselves in endless comic situations and funny plots. Cast: Naor Zion, Yuval Semo, Tamar Keinan, Mali Levy, Benny Avni, Yoni Zicholtz, Ronit Ivgi and Avi Dallal.

From the Press:

• “Watch Naor’s Friends carefully, you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren that you once saw how a sitcom is made” – Yaron Ten Brink, Rating

• ” “Naor’s Friends” succeeds also in it’s third season in being the most interesting product on screen” – Moran Shirer, Ha’aretz

• “It can already be announced from Rothschild St. to Sderot – Israel loves “Naor’s Friends” ” – Pnai Plus, an Israeli entertainment magazine

• ” “Naor’s Friends” belongs to the next generation of comedy series, in which you feel at home from the first second” – Ran Ben Nun, Yediot Ahronot

• “Airy in the best possible sense of the word, guaranteed enjoyment” – Shirley Axelrod, Ma’ariv

• “Naor Zion succeeds, thanks to diligence and common sense, to sew together an intelligent plot, because it turns out he has the touch of an artist” – Tomer Porat, City Mouse, an Israeli entertainment magazine
To watch all the episodes of ”Naor’s Friends” on the Nana 10 site click here